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Coat of Many Colors by F. Starnes

Golden Splendor by E. Holcomb

Rustic #2 by S. Armstrong

Summer Evening in Santa Fe by K. Waddel

Shetland Lace Christening Gown by C. Wackenheim

Wavy Cardigan by S. Townsend

The Sand and the Foam by S. Reed

Little Slice of Heaven on Earth by S. Bowman

Ketchikan Man by Catherine Kelly

Swallowtails and Cornflowers Jacket by C. Reckers

Cat Eyes Coat by R. Ronan

 We may have an article in the Albuquerque Journal about Charlene Finiello, Laura Sandison, and the Enchanted Lacemakers' Guild. Watch for it! Meanwhile, you can read the article and see Charlene's beautiful piece right here on the web.

Colors of the Southwest


Our Spring 2016 show is scheduled for April 1-2, at Albuquerque Garden Center, Lomas, west of Eubank. We want your fiber art included!. The theme is "Colors of the Southwest." Ordinarily, entrants must be members of guilds that are co-sponsors of the Council. But for this show, we are soliciting items from members of any fiber arts guild, as well as individual artists who have not yet joined a guild but are interested in doing so. Entries will be juried but not judged. The show will be open to the public to show what we do in our fiber world. So talk among your guilds and get started on your entries. If you are not a guild member, but are interested in joining a guild, go to the Guilds page to find the one(s) that fits you. And if you are not a fiber artist, but appreciate fiber art, put the dates on your calendar.

Deadline for entries is March 1, 2016. Click for the Word document application.

The Fiber Arts Fiesta is the Council's main fundraiser and is presented biennially in odd years with the cooperation of the Council's co-sponsoring guilds (now numbering 17). 2015 BEST of SHOW (for judged entries) and VIEWERS' CHOICE (for non-judged entries) are showing in the carousel above. Go to the Exhibit Entry page to see some of the wonderful entries in the 2015 Fiesta.

The Fiber Arts Education Committee offers opportunities in keeping with the Council's educational mission. Scholarships and monetary funding for individuals and guild programs are now available by application to the Council. Additionally, there are three fiber arts storyboards available for educational purposes. Click Here for further information about the Education Committee. And, learn about other Fiber Arts Exhibits. We had a great time at the November Fiber Arts Cruising Route 66 show at the Old Corrales Church!

The Co-sponsoring Guilds elect or appoint representatives to participate in the Fiesta Committee and Educational Committee planning meetings.To learn more about the individual guilds, go to Guilds.

Council Board members are drawn from the guilds' membership. The current Board Officers and Directors are listed at Council Board.

The electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) is another component of the Council's ongoing efforts to publicize and encourage interest in the fiber arts. We publish a monthly electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) of events and exhibits in New Mexico. At Fiber Arts Newsletter, you can read the latest issue, as well as back issues. To have the eFAN emailed directly to you, complete the eFAN Subscription.

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