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The Fiber Arts Newsletter is an electronic monthly newsletter!

Please forward the Newsletter to your friends and family. They can be added to our mailing list by completing the eFan Subscription. There will always be an option to unsubscribe but we think the information will be interesting, timely and informative enough that you won't want to miss it. We want you to know what is happening in the fiber community throughout the greater Albuquerque area, the region and state. If you want to read the newsletter, but don't want it emailed to you, links are listed below.

If you know of an event or have information you would like our fiber readers to know about, please send the article with your contact information to The Newsletter is for you. We want to spotlight what you are doing and create reader interest in your guild or club.

Guild and club information is accessible each month through a link on the Newsletter to the AFAC Guilds web page. There is also a link to the Calendar of Events (Now called Events, Opportunities and Classes) that you used to see in the paper version of the Newsletter.

The electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter is free advertising and notification for your guild and club events. Let us know what you are doing. The Newsletter will be emailed the first week of each month. Deadlines for submission of articles and information will be the 20th of the month of publication.

To read the issue of your choice, just click on the appropriate month:

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