Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Education Committee

The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Education Committee, which is composed of representatives from each of the Council's co-sponsoring guilds, provides exposure to and education of the fiber arts disciplines to those in Albuquerque and the surrounding area in order to promote public interest, enhance lives, and foster individual development of artists and others to help ensure the continuation of the various fiber arts fields. This is accomplished, in conjunction with the many fiber arts organizations in the area, through various opportunities and events including scholarships and subsidy funding, fiber art shows, educational exhibits, traveling educational materials, and the provision of resources for educational requests.

We have Scholarships for individual continuing fiber arts education available each year, Guild Funding for guild/group education, and Fiber Arts Storyboards, which show various forms of fiber disciplines and are available free to groups and schools that desire information on these creative arts. Additionally, we have a listing of available Teachers from guilds who are eager to share their knowledge and teach others of all ages their disciplines. Examples of those are colcha embroidery, rug hooking, and machine knitting. Check out the link for a current list. Deadline for all Scholarship applications is June 30, 2017.

Also, to support our goal of community education, we hold a Fiber Art Exhibit every even-numbered year at various venues throughout the Albuquerque area. April 1 and 2, 2016, our show will be Colors of the Southwest. Click for more information.


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