Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

Fiesta 2017

"Growing Future Artists"



Thanks to our wonderful instructors, the students left classes happy and well satisfied. This satisfaction was very evident in the Mixed Media class, "A Dream I Once Lived In," taught by Lazaro Iglesias. In the first photo, the students are hard at work, and the second photo (sent to us by student Pat Moorman) shows the class showing off the finished products. What great smiles of accomplishment!

And here are some other fiber students hard at work:

Colcha Florita Class taught by Annette Gutierrez-Turk

Beaded Spiral Bangle Bracelet taught by Lyn Leshner


Core Spinning Art Yarn taught by Rita Starceski

Dart Manipulaton taught by Becky Arnold


Sashiko 1-2-3 Workshop taught by Joyce Martin Perz

Beginning Bobbin Lace taught by Dixie Hornby


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