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Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

Fiesta 2019

"Celebrate Fiber"


Exhibit Entries

NEW FOR Fiesta 2019!

Fiesta 2019 no longer limits you to a grand total of six (6) entries. You may enter a maximum of three (3) items in any one of our 15 Fiber Art Divisions. You may enter as many Divisions as you wish.

Fiesta 2019 will have no Youth DIvision. Youth entries are included within each of the 15 Fiber Art Divisions. All Youth entries (except one Sewing Category) will not be judged. If you are a Youth and want your entry to be judged, you may enter any of the adult Categories. There is no entry fee for items made by Youth 18 years old or younger as of March 1, 2019, regardless if whether the item is entered in a Youth Category or an adult Category.

Fiesta 2019 is introducing a new Felting Division, sponsored by the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council. The new Division will be Juried but not Judged. Many other DIvisions have Felting Categories. If you prefer that your entry be judged, you may enter it in the Felting Category of another DIvision.

To find the Fiesta 2019 Categories within each Division, just click on the desired Division:

Beadwork Division

Crochet Division

Dollmaking DIvision

Embroidery Division

Felting Division (NEW!)

Knitting, Hand Division

Knitting, Machine Division

Lace Making Division

Mixed Media Division

Polymer Clay Division

Quilting Division

Rug Traditions Division

Sewing Division

Silk Painters/Surface Designers Division

Weaving & Spinning Division


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