Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

The goal of promoting fiber arts is often met with lack of funds to use for this purpose. The Education Committee of the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. is pleased to provide two funding sources available to address this issue: AFAC Scholarships and AFAC Guild Funding. Deadline for all Scholarship Applications is June 30, 2017.

Scholarship Applications

Three AFAC scholarships have been established to encourage advanced studies within the various forms of fiber art. The available scholarships are: New Mexico Resident Scholarship in Fibers, Heritage Scholarship, and Guild Member Scholarship for Workshops and Classes. We also have a brand new scholarship for artists 18 years of age and under: the Youth Scholarship. In general, applicants should be residents of New Mexico. Awardees should plan to have work shown at an Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council show, or an article in the Fiber Arts Newsletter.

Guild Funding Applications

An allotment has been set aside by the AFAC to assist guilds with seed, matching and supplemental funding of projects. Some suggested uses: Classes within Guilds, Guild Outreach, Projects within Guilds, Projects among Multiple Guilds, Group Multi-Discipline Projects and Matching Funds. In general, funding should be used to better cultivate the many forms of fiber arts in New Mexico. Please check the requirements on the Guild Funding application.

For further information on scholarships or guild funding, contact:

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